Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Think It's Time For Another Adventure

I'll be leaving for North Carolina early next Tuesday morning! Off on my way to explore a state I've only driven through (though I hear it's lovely). Though it's getting dark early now, and cold in the nights, I refuse to recognize summer as being over yet, until I have returned from the sunny south. I have some small plans to check out art galleries and go shopping, but primarily I just want to wander and get a feel for the city.

While I am there, I will not be staying in a hotel. I will be couchsurfing. And that's right, couchsurfing with a complete stranger. But hey, it's a just a friend I haven't met (and inconvenienced) yet, right? I have couchsurfed once before, and I plan to again, as it's really the best way to really feel at home in an unfamiliar city. There's no better way to get to know some place than by talking to someone who's gotten past the tourist glamour and discovered what really makes the city valuable. And by making a personal connection while you are there, you're ensuring that you will have lasting memories from your trip, not just a memory card full of photos.

If you are interested in checking out the site, here's the link below: