Friday, August 26, 2011

Creatures / Characters on the Behance Network

Creatures / Characters on the Behance Network

How amazing is this?? Why can I not create creatures with this much awesomeness?? Thank you, Behance, for leading me to this epic portfolio.

The Fall and Rise of Illustration

Trendsetters in advertising and design are on the young side; my theory is that a 20-something art director will appreciate the work of a 20-something illustrator. After attending ICON in Philadelphia, I was more than convinced that this younger crop of illustrators could lead the revolution in illustration.

If we shouted at the top of our lungs “THINK ILLUSTRATION,” “USE ILLUSTRATION,” no one would pay any attention to us. Plus, we would sound desperate. But if we quietly present art in a beautiful format, show art directors that art does have a place, engage them with not only the art but by showing the studios of the artists, they will notice the stark contrast to the sterile photo studio.

Full Article At AIGA

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Could Never Forget How Much I Like Kent Williams

I just bought and read "The Fountain" and I am so happy with it. Glad to add it to my shelf. See? Comics are real art! Sometimes they are more artsy than fine art.

I post a lot of pictures, rather than talking a lot about my favorite artists, because the pictures are what I find most interesting. With a few rare exceptions, I don't care how they got started, what journeys they went through, what they were thinking when they did this piece or that. The work speaks for itself.

Jerome Witkin

"I think the artist is never really sure, because art is long and life is short."

Jerome is having a retrospective show at SU. Maybe I should stop by.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How Could I Have Forgotten How Much I Love Barron Storey?

He reminds me a lot of Dave McKean in that first image, and a lot of Bernie Fuchs in the second image. But I must never forget this awesome pioneer! Always an original.