Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Breaking News: Art is Atrocity

Welcome to Art is Atrocity

"There is an education war in this city, and our children are caught in the crossfire. But we, as pro-educators, are committed to developing solutions to bring back the strong, traditional subjects in our schools. That solution must consist of a solid foundation in math and science without art. We cannot let our nation fall behind the Eastern schools. We cannot allow our children's minds to go to waste. We are responsible for their future, and must set a steady path that will allow them to flourish in adulthood. The Syracuse City School District suffers from a major budget crisis, and we cannot afford to spend our money on frivolous subjects that will not benefit our children."
Director of Art Is Atrocity, Samuel Ruta

A friend posted this on facebook. I refuse to include the link to this website, because I don't want to increase the site's search engine stats. Let me just tell you, the misuse of grammar in the site is atrocious (I guess Samuel was an art student?). If I could say one thing to Mr. Ruta, I would say it with my fist. I can't believe there are still people out there with such narrow mindsets. Sure, this activist is hardly the most dangerous one out there, but cyberspace is cluttered with enough trash as it is, without adding this to the mix. Do us a favor, Samuel, and just mind your own business.