Thursday, June 7, 2012

Book Launch- Say Yes to Education

Last week I went to the launch of the Say Yes to Education Young Authors 2012 book series. It was a great event, as there were more people in attendance than I had anticipated, and everyone was so excited for the project to succeed. The kids, the parents, the community, the administration, the media- everyone came together out of an eagerness to give children every advantage in life they might have otherwise missed out on. Even the kids were very well-behaved during the 1-1.5 hour of speeches. You could tell this is important to them.

Of course many of the adults involved in the program gave some very good speeches highlighting the best aspects of the Foundation, but I thought the best moments were when actual participants in the program spoke. The pictures below are of a current college student whose education was made possible by the Foundation, and one of the young authors telling the crowd about what went into making the book.

After the event, the children involved in writing the stories signed copies of the books. The budding young authors are very exuberant!