Monday, July 15, 2013

My Weekend at Potsdam Summerfest 2013

I set up a vendor booth for the first time this year at Potsdam's SummerFest. I always love going to what is probably the biggest event in Potsdam all year. This time I only got a little bit of time to walk around and see everything, because I decided to have a go at selling my wares. I think my final setup actually looked pretty decent.

There was a great crowd all day long, as this event is very popular. Much better turnout than the last show I attended the misnamed "Really Big Show" at Clarkson University this past spring. Still, mostly browsers, not a lot of people buying. The vendors to each side of me seemed to be having the same kind of day.

Still, I sold a drawing to one couple who happily said they tried to support the local arts as much as possible, which I thought was very nice of them. I had a lot of interest in my shoe display as well, messy as it is. I always underestimate how much space I'll need for all this stuff!

I gave away a ton of cards though, so hopefully I'll get some orders coming in through my shop some time later. And now I have a ton more garden markers to either send back to the Arts Council gallery, or sell on Etsy! Getting a little late in the year, I might start listing some clearance lots.

It was a hot but beautiful day, and I went swimming later that day, and had fresh raspberry pie, so all was well!