Monday, March 18, 2013

George Lucas May Give Us A New Museum

George Lucas has submitted a proposal to open a museum featuring comic art, illustration, animation, and concept design in San Francisco. Awesome, right?

...Let's just hope it's not filled with images of Jar Jar Binks.

Lucas described the proposed museum as "dedication to cultural fantasy"...  equipped to teach storytelling and the means of executing ideas. 

^ Which I think is a fantastic idea! Storytelling is a way to bring people together, and it's what gives all these different art mediums their meaning and appeal. 

"I’m a storyteller at heart, and I understand the power of a visual image to tell a story. I know how works of art can ignite children’s imaginations and even change their lives. They changed mine. Even before I could verbalize what I was feeling, I was drawn in by Norman Rockwell’s ability to tell a 
complete story in a single image. And so much of that imagery captured American cultural truths and 

aspirations. It was then that I began to learn the art of visual storytelling. As my career as a filmmaker 
grew, so did my love of art and passion for collecting."

Apparently Lucas has collected enough art over the years to stock the museum himself for 6 years of rotating exhibits. I imagine much of that is Star Wars and other movie-related items. So jealous.

You can even view his official proposal here: George Lucas' Museum Proposal