Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kids Art Academy

I taught a class of ten-year-olds about sneaker painting today. All of them were little artists in the making! We were a small group, but I was pleased that all of them were very interested in the project and excited about their shoes. Hopefully they will get miles of wear out of them.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Joe the Barbarian

Just bought the first 5 issues of Joe the Barbarian! I am so excited to see this, it's illustrated by my favorite comic book artist, Sean Murphy! His inks just have this delicious bold gruffness to them. I wouldn't call them rough, they can be smooth and detailed when he wants them to be, but I can only describe them as "manly". Check out the whole book here:

Joe the Barbarian

I have seen most of the inked pages already (I like them better in black and white, I've found) because I follow Sean on deviantArt. I had put off buying this for a while because as the project went on, I could tell Sean was getting a little sick of it. The younger subject matter isn't really his ideal gig. But I loved the pages so much I went and bought it anyway, and the artwork is worth it (no offense to Dave Stewart, but I'd still rather see it in b&w). You can see more of Sean's art below:

Sean Murphy