Monday, March 26, 2012

Joe the Barbarian

Just bought the first 5 issues of Joe the Barbarian! I am so excited to see this, it's illustrated by my favorite comic book artist, Sean Murphy! His inks just have this delicious bold gruffness to them. I wouldn't call them rough, they can be smooth and detailed when he wants them to be, but I can only describe them as "manly". Check out the whole book here:

Joe the Barbarian

I have seen most of the inked pages already (I like them better in black and white, I've found) because I follow Sean on deviantArt. I had put off buying this for a while because as the project went on, I could tell Sean was getting a little sick of it. The younger subject matter isn't really his ideal gig. But I loved the pages so much I went and bought it anyway, and the artwork is worth it (no offense to Dave Stewart, but I'd still rather see it in b&w). You can see more of Sean's art below:

Sean Murphy

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