Monday, August 30, 2010

Bluegrass Weekend

A month or two ago I tried to earn money by face painting at a bluegrass festival even more out in the boonies than my house. It poured for two solid days. Not so great for business. Plus I had to listen to bluegrass for two days. This was my result:

I think this old man knew that I was drawing him. I also think it made him uncomfortable.
This dude just kept riding around in his golf cart the whole time.
Rain did not daunt those stalwart summer bluegrass festival-goers. Ha, I had a tent.
Rain apparently also does not impair your hula-hooping ability. This hippie guy was pretty awesome at it, even dripping wet.

The woman in the tent next to me was selling hand spun and dyed alpaca wool. Beautiful stuff, I bought some for my sister.

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  1. Thanks for the wool! The hippie guy with the hula hoop looks suspiciously like a guy I dated for a short time in college.