Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I dragged out some new and old sketchbooks and scanned my favorite pages today. I shall start posting them, because a nice sketchbook page is a horrible thing to waste, closed up in a box or on a shelf somewhere.

What you see here are some random objects I decided to draw while I was bored. I keep a separate sketchbook specifically for drawing individual objects, along with my regular sketchbooks. My theory is this: if I draw the objects of everyday life often enough, I will soon be good at drawing everything I will likely ever need to draw. And when I have all the little pieces of a picture down, and I can just draw them without having to think about them- that frees me up to focus on the big picture. I don't want to get bogged down in the details. So, practice, practice, practice! Let's see, I haven't yet drawn a rhinoceros, a tea kettle, or an internal combustion engine. Still practicing.

Also, I really like drawing wood grain. You will see more of this.

That's right, that's my Harry Potter time turner. Don't laugh or I will go back in time to before you laughed and smack you.

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