Monday, February 6, 2012

Nice Large New Pictures!

Updated my website in the last week. Only a couple of new images, but some big changes to the layout and sizing. Check out the fancy new pages, now SuperSized!

I have gotten comments that my images are too small. While I absolutely detest those pop-up galleries that darken your screen and take forever to load, I realized I had to do something to give a better view of my art. I know better than anyone, working in tech support, how many people hang on to old slow computers and tiny outdated monitors with low resolutions. I had kept my website at a super small size for years, in case one of these dinosaurs decided to browse my art. I decided, however, that the types of people who never update their computers and are fine with squinting at a small fuzzy monitor are not really the type of people who are going to really browse my website anyway. I decided to upgrade and work with a larger resolution size, giving my images a little more room to grow. It's still well within the range of most laptop monitors, but now hopefully you can see all the itty-bitty brushstrokes a little bit better. Hope you enjoy, and I always welcome comments.


  1. If I may point out one thing: The LinkedIn, Twitter, and Blogger logos in the top right look like they have compression artifacts in the white space. It may not be easy to see on a smaller monitor or a display with a different contrast ratio, but it jumped out at me.

    1. I honestly don't know what that means. Is this the number for technical support?

    2. Oh, I'm sorry. I guess I should've just said they looked fuzzy. If you don't mind me nerding out for a bit, there are some methods of saving images and other data like jpegs or mp3s that are called "lossy", meaning that when saved the computer takes some shortcuts to reduce the file size by cutting out the parts that it thinks are unnecessary. Sometimes, however, it goes overboard and cuts too much out, which can make a picture look fuzzy and pixelated or an mp3 sound all digital and wonky.

      Like I said, though, nobody else will probably ever notice or care... and I really need to stop doing things like this before I really start coming off as an ass.