Thursday, November 8, 2012

Catapult Art Magazine

I almost forgot to post something regarding this, but two of my paintings have been featured in this month's Catapult Art Mag.

Catapult website

You can see the cover here, and purchase the magazine as well. Its a very cool magazine which I hope has much success.

Catapult is showcasing this untapped talent along side others that share the same passion, the artist we know, admire and love, that are willing to stand for the purpose and mission of Catapult…LOVE OF ART ABOVE ALL.

Catapult is about the mechanic that has a stack of drawings that are mind blowing that lay stacked up in the closet because after all they don’t pay the bills. WE SEE YOU.
Catapult is about the single mom that doodles on the napkin on her lunch break to gather herself in her thoughts. WE SEE YOU.
Catapult is the teenager that escapes to his bedroom to draw away all the stress of the day…of life. WE SEE YOU.
Catapult is the older lady that finally has time to lay the brush to the canvas after years of dedicating her life to her family. WE SEE YOU.

Let us all encourage, inspire and recognize each other in our shared love of imagination, creativity and talents, to every degree.

Here's a rough idea of what my spread looks like^

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