Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Really Medium Show

Over the weekend I set up a table at the annual "Really Big Show" put on by my local chamber of commerce. They put on a few annual craft/vendor shows, and I wasn't sure if I had ever been to this one, but generally they are well attended. This one has a theme of home and garden, and with the recent popularity of my wooden spoon garden markers, I thought this might be a good opportunity. I brought along a bunch of my painted shoes as well, because I am trying to branch out into my local market. Joined kind of last minute, but what the hey:

Attendance Friday was quite slow, not picking up until after 5pm. I thought, with this being a garden show and all, my garden markers would be a big hit. They were a decent seller, but I expected more. I gave away quite a few business cards, however and I'm hoping some custom shoe orders will roll in later. Saturday saw more attendees, but I think the weekend was still a bit of a bust.

Many of the vendors I talked to seemed to feel the same. The Chamber puts on another craft show in the fall, which I remember being much bigger. I might end up there, and I'll probably try the SummerFest this year as well. I thought about traveling to other shows in the state, but I think I'll keep it local this year and test the waters a bit first.

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