Friday, May 31, 2013

Why I Will Not Illustrate Your Book

Saw this article on a LinkedIn group I belong to, and I really like the plain way it's laid out. Now I'm not saying I'm turning down book offers left and right, but even I get more of these useless offers than real offers.

My Top 5 Reasons Why I Will Not Illustrate Your Book

Basically, those reasons are:

1. Money:  Just like everyone in this world illustrators need money to buy food, pay bills, pay the mortgage and even money to buy art supplies. 

2. Not the right job for me: No, I can't change my drawing style. My drawing style is who I's my personality.

3. You don't need an illustrator: If you are submitting your book to a mainstream publisher you don't need to have it illustrated.

4. Exposure: You're only going to print 50 copies of the book. So basically no one is going to see this book?

5. Time:  If I think you might be picky or hard to please then I am going to run for the hills.

!!! Mega props for numbers 1 and 5, especially !!!

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