Sunday, October 10, 2010

A New Season, A New Job

So I have found employment. I am no longer a bum.

No longer living with my parents. I am living one town over, with my sister :) (And her FIVE birds). Paying rent and making my own food. So that's a step in the right direction. I am beginning to remember what it is like to be a real human, not an unemployed post-grad living in her parents' basement.

Also a plus, I have a real, full-time, salaried job that I have to dress up for. Exactly what I wanted, but did not expect to find around here. The company is actually quite great, they pay me well, they treat their employees great, I get vacation and health care and a new fancy office chair, and work with some really nice, young people. If only the job wasn't the complete opposite of everything I went to school for. Accounting and IT stuff. What? You trust me to do these things? Everyone else I work with used to go to law school, used to be an accountant, used to work in the industry we support, or is a software engineer. Why did you hire me, software people? You do realize I have no knowledge of any of these things, correct? Not that I'm complaining. We're cool.

However, many things which I declared I would do have not yet come to pass. For example, I am still in the north country. Small town and cows galore. Closer to most of Canada than anything useful in the US. Remember when I said I was going to pick up and move after graduation? And then at the end of summer? Yes, fear of financial failure got to me. Maybe I'll get the guts to do this next year?

Also been sending out postcards like mad-crazy. Still nothing. Ordered more postcards. I think they are quite dashing. I think I'm pretty hot stuff. What, still no news? I have had one freelance gig so far, and that was for a local event that my cousin hooked me up with. Also kept working on my portfolio, updating my website constantly. Also think it looks rather dashing. Though kind of all over the place. That will soon be remedied. Eventually.

Baby steps.

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