Sunday, October 10, 2010

Website Reorganization

Hokay, so I need your input, all y'all.

I am sort of restructuring my site a little. Take a look at it now:

I am in the process of redesigning the Design page to be more comprehensive, display each picture as part of more complete campaigns. I also hope to do more samples, to have samples of the projects I think are the most sought-after. So that will be changed.

I think I will also delete the "Fine Art" page, and just post those pictures here. Because what I am hoping to get from displaying those?

So I will have a homepage, a bio, an illustration page, a design page, a sequential page, and a stock art page left. Within the illustration page there is book illustration, magazine illustration, and my urban legends series. Should I continue these as sub-pages? Should I add Stock Art or Sequential to the list? Or should I separate them all?

Another option is to have "Illustration" and "Design" on my homepage, click on one or the other to get to that "site". Design would just be full of campaigns, perhaps with extra explanation or process work. Illustration would have magazine, book, sequential, stock, etc. The two sites would have different designs, though sharing the design sensibilities of the homepage.

Thoughts? Votes? Thanks!


  1. I think you should keep the "fine art" up there as more examples of your talent. Why not?

  2. I feel like its getting a bit crowded. And fine art isn't as commercial as the rest of my portfolio.