Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Die By The Social Media Sword

Christopher Burdett has written an interesting post on social media that I wanted to highlight. I am always trying to grasp the next advancement in social media, battling my inner voice that says "Is anyone actually paying attention to this stuff?". Sometimes, no one pays attention when you want them to. However, it is still easy to commit a social gaffe in front of your thousands (or, in my case, dozens) of followers and instantly sink your social media ship. Try not to be a jerk, in person or online.

Christopher details his 8-step method as to how not to be a jerk when you're managing your online network (9 steps once you add the protein shake): 

1. Remain Professional
 2. Ask First
3. Anticipate NO
5. Do NOT Thread-jack

6. No Mass ANYTHING 
7. Invite ONCE
 8. Don't stalk 

For more details, hit up the blog link below.

Live by the social media sword… Die by the social media sword

(And to see some awesome art)


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  2. Social media definitely has it's uses! As long as its used wisely...