Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Things That Move You: Relator

My #5 strength, according to "StrengthsFinder 2.0" is as a "Relator". I'm not really sure what that means. Oh, this is what it means: "The Relator theme pulls you towards people you already know."

"Instinctively, you find it easier to befriend people when they tell you what they
want to accomplish. When you meet people who value education as much as you do, you are
eager to hear about their personal or professional ambitions, intentions, or goals. Understanding what others aim to accomplish in the coming weeks, months, or years can be the beginning of a practical partnership or an enduring friendship."

Ok, that sounds less touchy-feeling than I was expecting, and more in line with the previous descriptions. Not that I'm calling myself unfriendly or anything...

"Chances are good that you might notice that people regularly ask you the question “What do you
think? This might be because they value your views about particular people, situations, rules, news
events, or decisions. People whom you have befriended turn to you for guidance. Often you help them see a situation or problem from a different perspective because of something you discovered..."

Everyone, come to me, as I am a fount of knowledge! Just don't ask me anything about physics. Or sports. Or to do any math. But I've got that Harry Potter trivia ready and waiting.

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