Monday, July 1, 2013

The Things That Move You: Intellection

Ok, my top 3 "strengths" were dead-on in describing me. The last 2 still apply, but in a more general way, kind of like when you read your horoscope and you think, "yeah, that sounds like me!" And then you read the horoscopes for the next three months and you think, "yeah, that sounds like me too!" But anyway, here they are.

#4 describes me as having the habit of "Intellection". "Chances are good that you put yourself in the middle of mentally stimulating conversations. You want to gather new ideas, discover new approaches, hear about new theories, consider new concepts, or apply new technologies. Often you are one of the early discoverers of innovations."

I can see how this applies in my day job, in tech support, as I enjoy learning about computers and reading tech blogs. A little unusual for someone in a creative field.

"You exhibit little need to know precisely where all this information ultimately will lead you. By nature, you probably acquired a fascination for reading as a child."

I think my mother can attest to this one.

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